Monetizer Push Collection Tracking?


How to track Monetizer Push collection?

Postback here:

This is how it looks like on Bemob

It is required to have two postbacks - for normal conversions and for push subscriptions.

For normal conversions your postback will be [{clickID}&payout={amount}&txid={transactionID}&status=lead]

For push subscriptions it will be [{clickID}&txid={subscriptionid}&status=sub]

Make sure to replace xxxxx with your unique BeMob ID or just copy your own postback in affiliate network settings.

This is how your settings in tracker should look like.

Offers should be added in tracker as offers (no need to append anything to them).



My normal offer postback is not working too, it gives an error on Monetizer.

For example:
Postback Error: 404 Not Found -

this is my postback (from Monetizer preset):{clickID}&payout={amount}&txid={transactionID}

what I append at the end of the offer URL is : &cid={cid} (yes there previous tokens before it)

You’re getting a 404 error because the CID is empty…

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I dont want to hijack the thread but I also get the same error 404 and thought it was pointless to open a separate thread for a same issue.

I am also getting Postback Error: 404 Not Found -

This is the postback:{clickID}&payout={amount}&txid={transactionID}